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Summer Fashion, Food and Arts:

The Summer Fashion, Food and Arts Festival is an indoor and outdoor creative showcase and exhibition for fashion designers, food artists/vendors, and artists (visual artists, spoken word artists, comedians, and musicians) to come together to celebrate the cultural richness of multi-ethnic communities all across Canadian traditions. Our events are a “global marketplace” that create spaces for opportunities for collaboration, understanding and success for local small businesses. Come together with us in celebration to enjoy the best foods, music, art and summer activities that our cultures have to offer.

ARTMONITION “ART – IN – MOTION” - is our unique nomenclature for our mid summer festival that showcases an evolving lineup of musicians, poets and fashion designers that bring the best to offer from Afro-Canadian cultures, curated by contributors from across Canadian communities. At ARTMONITION, Cultures come together to share the songs and stories of their hearts. Celebrate and enjoy with us this summer at “Art-In-Motion”

Calgary Food War:

Come to our table and enjoy the culinary contributions from our rich cultures in an accommodating edutainment platform. At Calgary Food War, the public is invited to learn about culinary traditions and enjoy food from professionals and cultural ambassadors. Contributors from Afro Canadian/ Caribbean cultures come together to promote harmony by cooking foods from their cultures and compete for “best-dish” in a fun atmosphere.

Beyond the Afro Canadian/ Caribbean communities, this events also host Art administrators, community leaders, heads of local businesses and art organization in a healthy completion to cook different meals in a challenge to know who makes the food better. The contestants will be judged based on CFW laid down parameters.